The Old Hand:   wind-cloud



I was just standing, making small talk, while the parking valet was filling out the parking ticket. I commented on the wind that had been blowing without letup for several days. ‘When you figure it will stop?’ I asked rhetorically?

‘How am I suppose to know?’ the valet answered curtly, as he handed me the stub. I guess he wasn’t interested in talking about the weather, or sucking up for a tip either. Then, just as I was putting the stub in my shirt pocket, I felt the wind rip my cap off my head. With my free hand, I snapped at it, and darn if I didn’t grab it before it headed for parts unknown. ‘Gotcha!’ Surprised myself.

But I surprised the valet more. In grabbing the cap I didn’t stop in time and I hit the poor guy flush on the nose.

‘I’m sorry. I’m sorry. The wind and my cap….’ I must have repeated my apology five, six times.

He had taken several steps away from me and had bent over at the waist, pulling out a handkerchief, and pressed it against his nose. I didn’t see any blood as I took a few steps toward him.

‘No! No!’ He quickly backed away from me again. ‘I’m okay. I’m okay,’ he repeated maybe five, six times.

‘I sure didn’t mean the gotcha…’

‘Hey,’ he shouted! ‘I said I’m okay.’ He turned his back to me and did kind of a chicken dance. Scuffling his feet and bobbing his head up and down. All the while, making strange little noises.

‘Look,’ I volunteered, ‘I’ll go get a wet towel…’

‘I said I’m okay! Just leave me alone! Leave me alone!’

Hey, I can take a hint, I thought to  myself as I turned and walked away. Some people! Just can’t appreciate it when you are trying to be nice to them.  

I walked into the casino and out of the wind without so much as looking back.

Published St. Paul PP, Bulletin Board  5/19/15


The Old Hand:


Our daughter-in-law wrote down this conversation between the little girls and their dad:

Dirk told the two big girls about Jaycee (the youngest) running in the house screaming because she saw a snake in the yard today.

Jayda(the oldest): If I saw a snake, I’d run, scream, then tell mom and dad!

Jena (Lil’ Miss in the middle): If I saw one, I’d say, “Go away, Mr. Snakey, come back later when I’m mad at Jayda.”

Published St. Paul PP, Bulletin Board  5/2/15




2 thoughts on “AN ILL WIND AND MR. SNAKEY

  1. Out of the mouths of babes, eh? Your story seems, you happened on a guy in a job he hates and was taking it out on you!! Maybe that slap in the face is what he needed?

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