Today problems are black and white. There seems to be no gray area, no compromise. It seems the only time our law makers can agree is when there is a country to be invaded or to vote to take away our fundamental rights, like enacting the Patriot Act, that almost all the signers agreed they never bothered to read.

Yet, there is a threat of rebellion if there is any intrusion on the right for a well regulated militia or any dehorn with money at a gun show to bear any type of arms that the NRA lobbies for. And yet, there was little outcry when our votes were usurped by crooked voting machines and even the Supreme Court. Or when said Court declared that corporations have the same rights as an individual. And the ice keeps melting on the poles. 

What a world we’re leaving to our children and grandchildren!

Here’s a few views that I wrote over the past several months that come from as far left field as the original thinking that spawned them.

Both Rand Paul and the NRA want to arm teachers.

I tried to think back at all the teachers in my life for one that I think could have handled being armed.
The only one is could come up with was old, old Sister Damacia, who taught me in sixth grade in St. Francis. (She also taught my dad.) That old gal could whip out that piece of rubber hose out of her sleeve, hit you upside the head, and put it back before you could even see it coming. At her age, you sure couldn’t compare her to Billy the Kid, although she could probably¬†outdraw him. The hair on her chin reminded me of Buffalo Bill. But he was never known for his quick draw. But, then too, she always dressed in black like an old time gunfighter. Now, if that was a gun up her sleeve, instead of a rubber hose, she’d be a natural to arm.

Of course, the problem would be her eyes. Even with the coke-bottle glasses, she really couldn’t see very far. If someone acted up, and she wasn’t sure of who did it; she just whopped the kid closest to her. So maybe, like 99.9% of the teachers I ever had, I wouldn’t consider her someone I would want to be carrying a gun in the schoolroom.

Maybe they should zero in on arming the janitors instead. A mop bucket would be a good hiding place for an Uzi. Or better still, get the gun makers to manufacture an assault rifle in the shape of a mop.

If I had a bicycle, and rode my bicycle, not only would I not ride my bicycle, I would recycle my bicycle in the trash after reading the letter in which the Republican head of Washington State’s transportation committee states that people riding bikes cause more pollution than cars.
He points out that sweating people riding bikes produce CO2, a greenhouse gas that pollutes the air. I guess that during the annual Bike across Iowa each year, the participants should be sucking on oxygen masks instead of beer bottles.

And then there is the quote by the role model of the Republicans, President Ronald Reagan, who said in 1981,’ Trees cause more pollution that automobiles.’ After hearing that, I wanted to go out and chop down all the trees at my place. It just goes to say that the natural world is more dangerous to our breathing than the man-made world.
And then there’s the methane gas that is expelled by cows as they digest their food. They create oodles of methane gas that is not only a major source of pollution, it is also dangerous. I remember when the Taylor twins burned their dad’s barn down when they were lighting cow farts. That’s the truth, can’t make up things like that.

I heard that they stripped the ban of assault rifles and large magazines from the purposed Gun Control Bill for MN. They must have read some of the articles in defense of these weapons for the average homeowner. There is one in particular that I remember. It was written by the chief lobbyist for the assault rifle manufacturers, who incidentally has his office a few miles from Sandy Hook Elementary. While he agrees assault rifles have no use in hunting and little use in precision target shooting, they are a must to defend us during the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse.
So if the perfusion of these guns cause you to fear going to the movies, don’t go! Wait and buy the DVD! If you shudder each time you send your children off to school, don’t send them! Home School them!
We must sacrifice certain aspects of ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’, in order to have a ‘well regulated militia’ bearing arms, capable of winning the battles of the Zombie Apocalypse. It is our Constitutional Right!


Recently, a 3 year shot and killed a woman at a picnic. The gun was owned by a deputy sheriff. Two days later a 4 year old shot and killed a 6 year old playmate. Regardless of the 2nd Amendment, regardless of the NRA, regardless of pro or anti gun control arguments, babies should not be shooting guns. Any SOB that disrespects the power of a gun and leaves it unprotected so anybody, even a baby, can play with it, has no right to own a gun.

Yesterday, a 5 year old shot and killed his 2 year old sister with a 22′ rifle that was given to him as a gift. It was kept in a corner, and the family said they didn’t think it had a shell in it. It was a model ‘especially made for children’. Well, it’s only a 22′!
A 22′, at a 34 degree angle, can propel a bullet l.5 miles. It is a powerful weapon! And gun manufacturers make models for babies! And it is sold to S.O.B.’s who allow it to be stored, standing up in a corner.
Yesterday also, a ‘concerned’ parent started proceedings to have ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ banned from schools. Too bad important books don’t have a lobby like the NRA to protect them.