air pressureI thought I had slow leaks in my front tires; but the mechanic explained that with the aluminum rims, changes in the weather sometimes causes tires to lose air pressure.


Reminded me, many years ago, when a friend of mine asked his wife to take the car in and have the oil changed to a lighter weight for winter. And, he added, have them change the summer air to winter air. When he came home from work, his wife was furious. It was bad enough that he had played a joke on her; but the mechanics kept laughing, and laughing, and laughing. I guess it wouldn’t be as funny today with the aluminum rims on cars.


And speaking of jokes, did you ever try to put air in your tires, using the air hoses in today’s service stations? Back in the days of privately owned stations and full service, the compressors weren’t toys. Put the hose on the stem and you could see the tire rise up. Today, some even charge a buck for the air, and you still can’t get a tire up to pressure. You can buy groceries and pizza slices and designer coffee, but you can’t put air in your tires without spending a half an hour.

The Old Hand of Oakdale:
Published 12/7/13, SP PP, Bulletin Board


Actually, as much as I grumble about today’ tires and rims, they are certainly better than the ones of yesteryear. Every time I watch the tire changing scene in THE CHRISTMAS STORY, I just say to myself, been there done that — way too many times.