13 thoughts on “A DAY OF INFAMY

    • Your post yesterday was the first mention of the anniversary that I saw. of the 2 newspapers in the Twin Cities, one ignored it , the other buried it in a small article. Thank you, Pete.

  1. Well done. This came from one of my fellow volunteers on the USS Midway from their Pearl Harbor celebration yesterday. He shared an email from an old Intel friend of his who was stationed in Hawaii (not during WWII but during the make of Tora Tora Tora). It was a series of maybe less known Pearl Harbor stories.

    My favorite I guess, is the USS Ward story …. manned mostly by Naval Reservists from my hometown, St. Paul …Β 
    Ward had off-shore harbor entrance patrol duty that weekend, and early on the 7th a lookout spotted a “Jap sub” ! and the destroyer’s new CO (just took command on 5 Dec), LCdr Wm. Outerbridge immediately pressed in for a successful gun attack …..
    This was the first U.S. naval action of WW-II.
    (The two pictures did not copy.)
    Ward’s 4″ gun at the Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul

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