This photo says more than anything I could ever write about the year 2020

Phil is one of the millions of Front Line heroes, around the world, risking their lives to fight for our safety, to help bring back the normalcy we had less than a year ago.

Phil is a medic in England, but he represents, in my belief,

Medics, First Responders, Essential Workers, Teachers, etc.

in every county.

Truly, a united world wide fight.

And these Phils have families

Loved ones.

Some who work also on the Front Line.

Some who stay back

and support their Front Line Heroes.

This photo of Phil was taken by his loving and supporting wife, Fraggle, a professional photographer, who captures amazing art in her photos. More of her art can be seen in her WP Blog: https://fragglerocking.org/

This is what she wrote to accompany her photo:

‘Our year has been coloured by Phil working on the front line coping with the Covid procedures in his Operating Theatres and having a horrendous time being dressed up in Hazmat gear that steams your glasses up, is uncomfortable, hot, hard to do your job in and generally is a nightmare. I’ve tried to support him, make home a sanctuary and listen to his woes and tribulations when he needs to get things off his chest. So this is the shot I did to sum up the year.’

Please don’t let the work of the Phils go in vain.



The sooner we all strive to do our part to overcome this plague

the sooner we will get back to normal lives.

And the sooner we will have a



And that is a wrap for a year we wish had not been one we will never forget.

30 thoughts on “2020/2021

  1. Very important snd moving post. We hear pleas from exhausted health care workers nightly. I’m appalled that many hear them and turn a deaf ear
    Yes masks are hot and make your glasses fog but I think that is a small inconvenience if the payoff will save a life or for the bigger good. Happy New Year
    2021 has hit to be better than 2020.

  2. Where would any of us be without them? What a lovely post, Don. My heartfelt thanks to Phil and all those like him who suffer for us every day. My best wishes to Fraggle and her family. ❤️ Wishing you a happy, safe and healthy New Year, Don.

  3. Great tribute to Phil, and to all the others like him who have kept us going during 2020.
    We can all hope for a better year to come. Hope keeps us going too.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  4. These are our Heroes right now. Massively overwhelmed and stressed.
    Yeah, we will get through this thing, but we’ve got a ways to go yet sadly.
    Happy New Year Don and Family!

  5. Indeed, a year we’re glad to say adios to…I like the way you did it, by honoring a front-line worker and reminding us all to be safe. You too, Don, be safe, be healthy, and thank you for your stories.

    • Remembering our front line heroes is easy to do and also very important now and when we rid ourselves of this plague. Thanks for your kind words, Miss Blue, and your wonderful blog. Stay Safe and let’s pray 2021 will bring better days to all of us.

  6. Do I get a prize for having this on the browser since you wrote this post?!!!

    Phil’s eyes and posture look so weary. It’s a beautiful and sobering tribute.

    I’m recovering from a very strong reaction to the first vaccine (AstraZeneca) and am hesitant to write about it – don’t want to scare people – or to give the anti-vaccine people more fodder for their cause. My body has a life history of sensitivity to anything foreign, and my blood pressure falls as well. I’m wondering if two times w/dengue and one chikungunya might have my system on high alert for any viral intruder? Who knows, but this has slammed me just like the 2nd time to get dengue.

    I do know that the last thing I want is to cross paths with Covid – these side effects will surely be gone in another week.

    • So sorry you got bad reactions from the vaccine. We were free from after effects with our 2 shots of Pfizer. But it sounds like you body would have rejected any vaccine.

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