And how fast they are growing up

Another post to help me out of my funk. Just can’t seem to sit down and write anything new without letting my feelings take over. When I first thought of writing a blog, I made a promise to myself that it should entertain, amuse, and above all, not let it become political and preachy. But damn it, it is getting harder and harder to hold to my original premise.

So, like I did with my last post, Coffee with Ali, I will post somethings I wrote before, things that bring me comfort and warm memories.

None of these have appeared before in my blog; but rather, they were published in the Bulletin Board section of the St. Paul newspaper over the years, published under my alter ego, the Old Hand.


I was sitting by the glass doors watching as the wind played with the tree cotton. My five year old granddaughter, Jada, came and stood by me. “Look at all the dandelion fuzz, Papa,” she said. The she softly added, “Somebody must have made a wish.”

Pub 5/26/2012

One of the birthday presents our 7 year old granddaughter, Jayda, received was a $15 gift card.

The other day, her mother took Jayda and her two younger sisters to the store so Jayda could buy something with her gift card. Jayda knew how she wanted to spend the card, but had kept it a secret.

She took her time, trying to find something that she would not only like, but would fit in with her plan. Finally, she found the perfect thing, a pair of ‘Princess’ sandals for $5. She figured out that the $15 would not only buy her a pair, but would also buy a pair for each of her sisters. Her gift card may be depleted but all three girls enjoy Jada’s birthday present.

Pub 9/10/13

Outside of having her bangs trimmed, Jayda, our almost-eight year old granddaughter, has never had a hair cut. She wanted it to grow long so she could donate it to LOCKS OF LOVE, who make wigs for cancer victims. Today she had her hair cut and made the donation.
Such a sweet caring child.

Pub 7/25/14


My wife took her two hibiscus plants into the house early last fall. She kept them alive and well in the family room, patiently waiting for the warm weather so she bring them back outside.

The other day she went to the family room and found that our granddaughter, Jena, had taken all the leaves off of both plants and had them stacked in piles on the bench. Naturally my wife was upset and wanted to know why Jena had done such a thing. Jena just bowed her head and refused to explain her actions.

Then, her older sister, Jada, spoke up in Jena’s defense. In one of their Land Before Time videos, Grandfather Dinosaur is very sick. Littlefoot and his friends go to a forest where a certain tree grows. They pluck the leaves from the tree and bring them to Grandfather, who eats them and becomes well again.

Jena was worried because I was in bed feeling very poorly, and she was going to bring me the leaves so I wouldn’t be sick anymore. Thanks to my little nurse, I felt like a new man, and I didn’t even have to eat the leaves.

Pub 4/25/12


I just got a lesson in horticulture handed to me by Jaycee, our 4 year old granddaughter. I looked out the window and saw that the daffodils in the field were in full bloom.

‘Come and look at all the pretty yellow daffodils, Jaycee.’ She dragged over a kitchen stool so she could see out the window. ‘Aren’t those daffodils beautiful,’ I asked?

‘Yes,’ she agreed with me, ‘But Poppa, most people call yellow flowers dandelions.’

Pub 4/24/14

I got another lesson in nature study from our 4 year old granddaughter, Jaycee. I watched a white heron glide over the trees and land on the far edge of the pond.

‘Jaycee, come here and look. See over there, there’s a white heron.’

She looked and looked and finally saw it ‘That’s a goose, Grandpa.’

‘No. It’s a big white heron.’

‘It’s a goose, Grandpa! A big white goose.!’

‘Okay, it’s a big white goose – named Heron.’

She let out a great sigh. ‘Grandpa,’ she said extending her arms, palms turned upward. ‘Gooses don’t got names.’

Pub 5/10/14

I see babies cry, I watch them grow

They’ll learn much more than I’ll ever know

And I say to myself, what a wonderful world

Yes I think to myself, what a wonderful world.

A lot or prayers, a lot of hard work, lot of hope, and may we have a world, a wonderful world to leave to those who will pick up where we left off…Stay positive. Stay safe.



30 thoughts on “3 LITTLE GIRLS

  1. Wonderful post, Don. I’m learning so much through my 3-year old daughter. Most of all how you can cure all pain through a kiss, whether real or a flying kiss or a virtual kiss over the video call. I’m also learning absolute faith, which is something only children seem to be capable of.

  2. This post is an antidote to everything going on at the moment. It gives us readers a chance to reflect that there are so many good things about being alive.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Don, what a sweet little girl. I hope she has grown up brave and strong and full of joy. Thanks for a charming post on an uncharming day. I’m glad some of our military leaders have rediscovered their backbones and oaths to the Consitution and are standing up for what they believe in.

    • I am glad it brought some comfort to you on such a day.
      And I am thrilled that some of our military leaders are honoring their oaths. Somehow, I can never imagine my old outfit, the 82nd, ever turn against our Constitution and American citizens. We have AA on our patch. That AA stands for All American, the designation that Alvin York won for us.

  4. Don – you’re not alone in your frustration… Having spent much time in South Africa, sometimes I have to think for a few minutes – where am I? The snippets about your sweet grand daughters are heart warming, but the one indicates just how affected young minds are by what they hear and learn. Sadly, in some home and school environments this is not always positive.

    • In South Pacific there are lyrics that sum up what you are saying : You’ve got to be taught before it’s too late,
      Before you are six or seven or eight,
      To hate all the people your relatives hate,
      You’ve got to be carefully taught!

      • In SA things have taken a decided turn. Discrimination is now the other way around – and only time will tell how it plays out. The country needs another Nelson Mandela – an impossible act to follow.

  5. Thank you for sharing these moments. I feel for you when you say how difficult it is when the blog is meant for sharing the memories, when there is so much to say. If it makes you feel better to share your feelings on this blog, then I hope you feel free to do so.

    I wish so much that this could be the change that could turn the tide for something better,…

    My love to you and your loved ones. Stay safe and stay strong.

  6. Okay, you had me in tears with the leave collecting part so she could feed you with it and make you better. Wow! How awesome your granddaughters. What giving, lovely souls! Yes, focus on them and remember that for all the ugliness in the world, as Anne Frank said, “I believe people are basically good inside.” You are one, Don, and I pray your health afflications abate, and you keep on sharing your stories. You are truly a lovely man.

  7. Can you imagine how I tried not to show I was crying. What is so amazing is every one of the other grandkids are just as warm and loving. I was working stage hand hours when my sons were in their formative years. My wife did such a wonderful job raising our 5 sons and laying down the foundation for them to raise theirs. And the foundation to marry such wonderful wives.
    Thank you , Cindy, for your words and thoughts. They really mean so much to me comig from you.
    My prayers and thoughts. Stay Safe.

  8. It is to be praised that you made the decision to be positive when you write your blog.
    There are few things that we can really choose, except our attitude towards life, and its many problems.
    But it is very good for you, having your granddaughters, helping you in that difficult task, is a great help that allows you to smile, and keep your heart warm, and full of love.
    Best regards to you Don! 🙂

  9. Beautiful instances with your grand daughters. Hope and wish that they have a bright future ahead of them as well.
    Thanks and much appreciated for sharing

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