Peace in France

Normally I consider myself ½ half French, in my ancestry. After the events of 11/14/15, I consider myself 100% French, at least in my heart.

I remember in 2003 when the majority of Americans were against France when it refused to back George W.’s unwarranted and illegal invasion of Iraq. I remember the people booing Marcel Marceau at the Pantages when he asked the audience to pay for peace and not have America invade Iraq. (Marcel Marceau who was fighting Nazis in the French Resistance years before America entered the war. The same Resistance that my wife’s birth father fought and died for.) I remember the condemnation of our congress against the government of France. I remember a bill submitted that the name ‘French Fries’ be changed to ‘Freedom Fries’.

I wonder how all those people remember their actions today.

People who either forget or don’t know out history, fail to realize that without the help of the French Navy and the French fighting England at the time, we never would have won our Revolutionary War and even if we did, we would have lost it in 1812 if again France didn’t help us out.

We owe France an awful lot and right now we owe them our prayers.

Que Dieu bénisse la france.

And please, do not forget that this deplorable action by a few fanatics is being condemned by Muslims all over the world. Don’t give in to hatred. Hatred is responsible for this act and others like it on both sides of this ‘war’. Just moments ago, mourners in Paris chased off anti-Muslim bigot that tried to invade the Paris vigil.


One thought on “MAY GOD BLESS FRANCE

  1. This is a great post. I remember the “freedom fries” sentiment all too well. Thank you for reminding us to remember history, act rationally and show compassion.

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