3 darlinsOne is never too old to learn. One is never too young to teach.



One of the birthday presents our 7 year old granddaughter, Jayda, received was a $15 gift card.

The other day, her mother took Jayda and her two younger sisters to the store so Jayda could buy something with her gift card. Jayda knew how she wanted to spend the card, but had kept it a secret.

She took her time, trying to find something that she would not only like, but would fit in with her plan. Finally, she found the perfect thing, a pair of ‘Princess’ sandals for $5.

She figured out that the $15 would not only buy her a pair, but would also buy a pair for each of her sisters.

Her gift card may be depleted but all three girls enjoy Jayda’s birthday present.

Such a sweet, sharing child. She sure makes it easy to be a proud grandfather.

jada's present

The Old Hand of Oakdale:   Published SPPP Bulletin Board 9/10/13







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