The Old Hand of Oakdale:

“Many of my favorite movie quotes come from the Coen brothers’ movies. For instance, in ‘The Big Lebowski,’ just about every time John Goodman opens his mouth, he spouts a quotable line. The problem is they can’t be printed in a family newspaper. However, Jeff Bridges has many that can be printed, like ‘The rug really held the room together’ and, of course, the theme of the movie, ‘The Dude abides.’

“In ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’ so many of the lines are quotable just by the simple fact they use archaic terms such as paterfamilias, or pseudo-archaic sayings like ‘The treasure you seek shall not be the treasure you find.’ But my favorite line in the movie is the excuse used for deserting a friend — not only the words, but also in the delivery: ‘We thought you were a toad.’

“One of my favorite movie quotes wasn’t spoken; it was printed on a mirror. In ‘JurassicPark,’ there is a shot of an angry dinosaur, seen in a car’s side mirror, coming up fast behind the characters fleeing in the car. On the mirror is the warning: ‘OBJECTS IN MIRROR ARE CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR.’

“And, in light of the death of Roger Ebert, there is this TV quote: ‘The balcony is closed.’ ” [Bulletin Board says: Two thumbs up, Old Hand.]


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